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made easy is one of the most popular automated background removal tools on the internet. It makes it easy to remove the background from any image in seconds and is 100% free.

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Extract Backgrounds in Seconds.

Removes Background useing cutting edge AI to analyze and automatically remove the background from your images no matter what the image is of.

People, cars, buildings, and animals. Lions, tigers, and bears. Extract Bg's AI detects it all and quickly removes the background from any image

Replace the background with a new one.

Replace your background with a whole new one. Chose from a plethora of new backgrounds found in our library, a solid color, or even a gradient.

Remove your old background and place yourself on the beach, in the mountains, or flying through the sky.

Just because you didn't really go to the beach doesn't mean you can't post a picture of you at the beach on your social media!

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Full Size Images - FREE.

With you can remove the background of any image and download the fullsize image for free!

You do not need a subscription or to purchase credits to be able to download full size images with their backgrounds removed from our website.

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